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Кадыржан Кабиденович Абуев

Доктор исторических наук, профессор, академик Академии истории и общественных наук РК

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The desire to become a historian after graduation was decisive in the fate of Kadyrzhan Abuev. In the Soviet times, the profession of scientist was very prestigious and opened wide opportunities for development of a young specialist who successfully graduated from the Petropavlovsky Pedagogical Institute named after K. Ushinsky. In 1962 he was immediately appointed as a director of the school, and soon he became an instructor of Kokshetau regional party Committee.

He joined the system of higher education in 1969, when he was admitted to the staff of the Kokshetau Pedagogical Institute, and soon sent to the target postgraduate school at the Alma-Ata pedagogical Institute of foreign languages. After graduate school, he returned to KSPI, now KSU named after Sh. Ualikhanov. Here he became  a Professor, passed all the difficult stages of teaching. Since 1975 has been the head of the Department of history of Kazakhstan.

In 1976, Abuev has successfully defended his thesis, and in 2002 at the Dissertation Council of the Omsk State Pedagogical University, Russian Federation defended the doctoral dissertation on theme: “Activity of Abylai Khan’s unification of the Kazakh lands and the strengthening of the Kazakh-Russian relations.”

Kadyrzhan Kabidenovich has no equal in the knowledge of history of native land, activities of historical figures: Abylai Khan, Kenesary Kasymov, Chingiz Valikhanov, Nawan Hazret, Shokan Ualikhanov, etc. In his scientific biography: international relations in Central Asia of XVIII – XIX centuries, Kazakh-Chinese relations: history and modernity.

  1. Abuyev’s dialogue with the historical past of his people began long ago. Numerous articles and essays that appeared in the local and Republican press in the 70-80 – ies of XX century, quite convinced readers that their author not uses the truths obtained by others, contributes to the process of restoring the true image of the history of his native land. His books «Белые пятна истории Казахстана», «Кокшетау. Исторические очерки», «Хан Абылай и его время», «Науан Хазрет», «Султан Ураз-Мухаммед» and other monographs, and published historical and political science dictionaries – evidence of creative productivity of K. Abuev. He wrote more than 220 scientific works, including eight monographs, three dictionaries, and more than 300 journalistic articles.

Tireless, caring and talented scientist-historian Abuyev continues to work actively, currently heading the research Institute of KSU named after Sh. Ualikhanov. In addition, today he is an aksakal and a member of the Akmola regional Assembly of people of Kazakhstan, Kokshetau city and Akmola regional onomastic commission, the member of the Board of Trustees of the Fund of historical and cultural heritage of the region.

In the field of studying history, the work of Kadyrzhan Kabidenovich is still effective. So, most recently, in October 2018, a new no less unique book of professor «Деятели истории и культуры Акмолинской области: библиографические очерки» was published. It is devoted to the study of life and work of outstanding people of history and culture of our region – steppe rulers, batyrs, akyns, biys.

Kadyrzhanov holds an active position in life, faithful to his artistic principles, although his age has crossed 80 years old, and he has long been a veteran of labor is admiring. He is still hardworking, always in search, actively travels not only to other cities of the Republic, but also to foreign business trips, where famous scientific institutions are invited. It is no coincidence that his research achievements were highly appreciated at the world book fair, traditionally held in the homeland of printing-in the German city of Frankfurt am main.

Of course, all the papers and books Kadyrzhan Kabidenovich found its reader, became a source of moral and patriotic education of youth. His credo: to convey to the new generation the true essence of past events.


Награды, премии, именные стипендии республиканского и международного масштаба:

«Отличник просвещения Республики Казахстан»,

«Отличник народного просвещения КазССР»,

«За заслуги в развитии науки Казахстана»,

«Почетный работник образования РК»,

«Заслуженный деятель Казахстана»,

«Почетный гражданин г. Кокшетау»,

медалью «Тыңға 50 жыл»,.

Обладатель сертификата Акимата г. Кокшетау за достижения в области культуры и образования в номинации «Парасат» (2004 г.).

Благодарственное письмо Ассамблеи Народа Казахстана от имени Президента РК Н. Назарбаева (2015 г.).

По итогам 2005 г. и 2015 г К. К. Абуев удостоен республиканского государственного гранта «Лучший преподаватель вуза».

В 2015 г. были опубликованы результаты Независимого рейтинга «ТОП-50» ППС вузов Казахстана, в числе которых имя профессора К. Абуева.

Под руководством К. К. Абуева было подготовлено и защищены 3 кандидатских диссертаций и 29 магистерских диссертаций.


 Учебные публикации:

  • Қазақстан: тарих және тағылым. Оқу құралы. Көкшетау, 2006.
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Научные публикации.
Монографии, энциклопедии:

  • Хан Абылай и его время. Кокшетау, 2002.
  • Словарь политологических терминов. Кокшетау, 2003.
  • Жизнь и необычная судьба Ураз-Мухаммеда (в соавторстве с И.А. Мухамадеевой). Астана, 2008.
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