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Bangali Alimzhanov

Kazakh poet, playwright, novelist, price, improviser, zhyrshy-storytellers maneschi, Director, scriptwriter, actor of a movie.

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The theme of the Motherland is in many works of Kazakh writers, so in the life of Bayangali Alimzhanov the main book is the novel «Skaz stoletnego stepnyaka».

Bayangali Tokanovich Alimzhanov is Kazakh poet, writer, playwright, akyn-improviser, zhyrshy, satirist, critic, literary critic, director, screenwriter, actor, journalist, documentary filmmaker, TV host, Honored worker of Kazakhstan and the only Kazakh Manaschi in Kazakhstan – the storyteller of the Kyrgyz epos «Manas».

Bayangali Alimzhanov was born on October 16, 1954 in Stepnyak, Enbekshildersky district, Kokchetav region in a family of workers. Father – Alimzhanov Takan, went through the war. Bayangali graduated from Kazakh high school named after Abay in Stepnyak in 1971, then continued his education at the Department of Kazakh Philology of the Kazakh State University named after S. M. Kirov in Almaty.

After graduating from the University Bayangali started work as a researcher in the house-Museum of Sabit Mukanov. At various times, he worked as a correspondent of Republican Newspapers, editor of Chronicles and documentaries of the Kazakh-film Studio, etc. In 1987, together with his wife Aliya Alimzhanova, he returned to his native land, to his parents, who needed care.

Bayangali Alimzhanov from 1984 to 2005 performed 216 times at aitys and 22 times won the Grand Prix, repeatedly was a prize-winner.

In 1998, the Alimzhanov family moved to Kokshetau. Until 2001, Bayangali worked as a stage master in Kokshetau Regional Kazakh musical drama theater. Shakhmet Khusainov. He has a wife and four children: Kuralay, Akmaral, Akkenzhe and son Nurlan. Akkenzhe is the movie and theatre actress, well-known TV host. Nurlan is a Kazakh actor, who played the role of the first President Nursultan Nazarbayev, singer, composer, TV host.

Bayangali Tokanovich is the author of more than 40 prose, poetry, drama and literary-critical books. The main works of the author are collected in 16 volumes.

His works gravitate to the legend, the poem, the fairy tale and based on the legends of the Kazakh people, the Kazakh soul is felt. Even his most important book-the novel-tale «Skaz stoletnego stepnyaka» is written in the style of folk legend. This book is about the fate of the century-old Kazakh aksakal, who passed all the ordeals of the XX century. As the author himself said, only friendship and interethnic harmony will save the world.

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