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Bogenbay-Batyr – a one of the major warriors of the XVIII century, the famous commander of the era of Abylai Khan, commander of the armies of the three Kazakh zhuzes.

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Kanzhygaly Bogenbay Akshauly


Kanzhygaly Bogenbay Batyr was born in 1680 near Syr Darya river. He is one of the famous warriors of the XVIII century, the famous commander of the era of Abylay Khan, commander-in-chief of the armies of three Kazakh zhuzes, who did not suffer a single defeat in 103 battles.

All his life Bogenbai Batyr fought for the independence of the Kazakh people, showing immense courage in battles with the Dzhungarian conquerors. In the first half of the XVIII century, while protecting the great steppe from many conquerors, Bogenbai Batyr showed great heroism. Together with other batyrs he battled for the independence of the Kazakh people.

He played a major role in liberating the Kazakhs from Dzhungar rule. On the territory of Ayaguz in the 1750s the Dzhungars suffered a major defeat. After that Bogenbay Batyr concluded a Pact of friendship and non-aggression with them.

Kanzhygaly Bogenbay was known as a very thoughtful and wise person.

For his heroism and military leadership Bogenbay Batyr gained special respect among the people.

Bogenbay Siresy.

In1775 Kanzhygaly Bogenbay Batyr left the village Yereimen to move to summer pasture Sileti. In the course of relocation from a tributary to Kiikbay and lake Selety, 98 years old Bogenbay Batyr died. Abylay Khan at this time has left to Omsk. Since that, this place was called “Bogenbay Siresy”. For the protection of the Kazakh people people asked to classify Bogenbay Batyr as a “Saint” and asked Abylay Khan to issue a decree that the body of the Batyr was buried inside the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yassaui in Turkestan.

Khan fulfilled the wishes of the people and sent the body of Bogenbay Batyr to Turkestan.

Stella of Bogenbay Batyr.

Stella of the Bogenbay Batyr installed on a hill at the entrance to the city of Yereymentau. On the boards, which comprises three peaks, there are «Қорған болған еліме, айбар болған жеріме, қойылды бұл ескерткіш бұрын Бөгенбайдай еріме» –from the descendants of the XX century. The authors of the Stella: Jakov Mokh, Nikolay Tikhonov, Yury Prischepin.

Historical Museum.

Historical museum named after Bogenbay Batyr is located in the center of the city of Yerementau, Yerementau district, Akmola region.

Priceless rarities of the legendary Batyr are presented in the Yerementau Historical Museum of Akmola region.


  Бөгенбай батыр

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