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Dosbol Kasymov

Painter, honored artist of Kazakhstan, Member of the Union of artists

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Painting is full of puzzles that can be solved endlessly, to understand the mystery of each picture you need to get acquainted with its creator, and then these images will come to life.

In 1960, in the picturesque town Shchuchinsk in a large family Dosbol was born. His father a biology teacher was an extraordinary person: open, intelligent, hard worker and an optimist. His father’s dream was to see flowering apple and pear trees in the north of Kazakhstan, in our strictly continental climate. And he made this dream come true, having left behind hundreds of hectares of orchards. Dosbol’s mother, like many Kazakh women, loved decoration and applied art, sewed beautiful and bright bedspreads, pillows with interesting national ornaments, creating the atmosphere of comfort and holiday at home. The boy grew and developed in creative atmosphere, he liked to paint from his childhood.

In the eighth grade Dosbol decided to make drawing his profession, therefore he entered art school. Dosbol spoke warmly about his first art teacher Shelepov P. N. Dosbol went to serve in the army because he didn’t enter the Almaty art school, but he decided to enter the Institute after the service.

After the army Dosbol returned to Almaty and conquered Almaty theater and art Institute, choosing the theater Department.

After graduation in 1986, Dosbol Kasymov worked as artist-illustrator in the publishing house “Zhalyn”. He illustrated children’s literature, became the author of a series of posters “Customs and traditions of the Kazakh people.” He worked on socially significant, political books such as: “Nursultan Nazarbayev. In The Heart Of Eurasia”, “XXI Century: World Elite About N. Nazarbayev”, “Nursultan Nazarbayev: Strategy Of Independence”, art albums: “Facets Of Realism”, “Space Of The Kazakh Ornament”, “Fine Arts Of Kazakhstan At The Turn Of The Century” gallery “Oui”. He made a fresco painting of the sanatorium “Burabay” and many other objects in the region. Dosbol participated in the group of designers who created “tenge”. After the project, he worked in the National Bank for several years. Kasymov works as a book illustrator, creative art designer, who released many great art albums and books, created brand, style and image for large state-owned companies (KAZENERGY Association, SAMRUK, JSC KazMunayGas, KazRosGas, Kazmortransflot, national innovation Fund).

Dosbol Maksutovich worked on the illustrations of bestseller “Zahir”, the book of Brazilian prosaic Paulo Coelho and talked to him during author’s visit to Almaty.

Dosbol created calendars for KAZENERGY company in which the main character was a Kazakh Yurt. There were yurts in the spirit of da Vinci, Picasso, Dali, etc. In the Museum project Art&Fact art gallery Oyu presented series of these paintings.

As for his paintings, canvas “Tan” was the first picture immediately forced to talk about its creator and the painting “Kultegin” was a kind of breakthrough in Dosbol’s creation. “Kultegin” was copied several times, and now one of them adorns the building of Ak Orda.

Some of the most famous Kasymov’s paintings are: “Umay”, “Korkyt”, “Ushtogus” (“Three elements”), “Ak Zhol” (“Light road”), “Kenesary”. Dosbol Maksutovich is the great master of one of the most difficult genres – portrait. A great place in his work takes place the psychology of human emotions and relationships.

The creativity of the artist is filled with a sincere desire to see and glorify the beauty and value of life, to show feelings, mood and love in his canvases. This is the main attractive mystery of paintings of the modern Kazakh artist Dosbol Maksutovich Kasymov.