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Серик Жетпискалиев

журналист, писатель, поэт

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Creativity with an open soul

 In this time of social networks and the growing influence of bloggers, it is easier to start writing on any suitable internet site. But the ability to send greetings, post selfies does not require a person to spend a lot of creative resources. Bloggers often take more liberties with the facts. A professional journalist is always distinguished by a special view of the surrounding reality, the ability to find something really amazing.

The poet, writer, and journalist Serik Zhetpiskaliev is a person who has a fine sense of the word and knows how to handle it. He not only has a good command of the language in which he works, but is looking for new figures of speech and word forms. The author is characterized by both curiosity and a desire to get to the bottom of it. The ability to communicate, charming smile are SerikSaparovich’s additional advantages.

  1. Zhetpiskaliev is from Atyrau region, the birthplace of the glorious Makhambet and Isatay, where he spent his youth. Serik Zhetpiskaliev was born in 1960 in the village of Zhersuat in the Inder district of Atyrau region.He graduated from Makhambet high school in 1976, and in 1982 received a diploma from the faculty of Philology of Kazakh national Universitynamed after Al-Farabi.He worked as the head of the letters Department of the newspaper “Inder” in the Inder district, Deputy editor, editor of the Kostanay regional TV and radio company, Deputy editor-in-chief of the independent regional newspaper “Bukpa” in Kokshetau. Since 2010, a member of the Union of writers of Kazakhstan.

Today, Serik Saparovich is the chief editor of the newspaper “Kokshetau”, Chairman of the Akmola regional branch of the Union of journalists of Kazakhstan.S. Zhetpiskaliev is one of the most authoritative, recognizable authors, who has the most important thing – the reputation and trust of readers.

The author’s bibliography contains many excellent works. His collection of poems «Көзімдей көр…»is full of secrets and sorrow. Essays «Көкшетаукестелері» and collections «Көзімдей көр…»were published with the support of Atyrau friends and became a kind of gift to the residents of the city for the anniversary of independence. The author’s work «Жабал шешен»tells about the civil position and career of a well-known public figure, member of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, writer and playwright Zhabal Yergaliev.The seventh volume of the ten-volume edition of Kazakh poetry «Жемчужина поэзии»  includes the works of our countryman. The «Уроки Сейтена» allows the reader to get acquainted with Seiten Limanuly, Honored teacher of the Kazakh SSR, poet, writer, scholar of Arabic and Oriental languages, physicist and mathematician, artist and public figure. This book is a kind of guide to the multifaceted world of a teacher, writer, and scientist.

Creativity of Serik Zhetpiskaliev united poetry, prose and journalism. It is always relevant and responds to many events taking place in the country. The reason for writing the poem стихотворения «Бойында Арыстың» деп ән сала алмай…» was the explosion that occurred on June 24, 2019 in the city of Arys. These lines convey the state of peaceful people, the moment when the shells fall to the ground, the screams of small children crying.

Along with poetry and prose, S. Zhetpiskaliev mastered such a complex genre as drama, made several translations for the Kazakh drama theater, and writes plays himself. Writes children’s works, lyrics to songs. Engaged in public activities, in addition to the regional cell of journalists, heads the information and educational center «АлтынАрқа», at the Akmola regional universal scientific library named after M. Zhumabayev.

We hope that Serik Zhetpiskaliev’s readership will only expand over the years and experience, and the author will still professionally feel what is interesting to the public, and what is not!