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Толе би (Толе-бий) Алибекулы

великий казахский бий, бий Старшего жуза, общественный деятель, судья, известный оратор

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Tole bi is a public figure, a judge, a famous orator, forever inscribed in the pages of the Kazakhstan’s history. Tole bi was born in 1663 in the Shu district of Zhambyl region

From a very early age under adult supervision he participated in court proceeding, studied oratorical and poetic art. He was very talented young man, so at the age of 15 he took part in controversial cases of family and in statecraft after several years.

Tole bi became famous for his justice and eloquence, he was respected and glorified by akyns and zhyraus. The bi had to have good memory, wit, the ability to make decisions, brilliant speech and logic – all these qualities were fully possessed by Tole bi. He did not support disagreements among the ruling elite. Tole – chief bi of Senior Zhuz. One of the regulators of the code of Kazakh laws «Zhety-Jargy» under Tauke Khan. The laws contained rules of administrative, criminal and civil law, as well as statutes on taxes and religion.

Tole bi gained authority among the Kazakh rulers and the people. In lawsuits, he skillfully solved the disputes. This speaks of a fine knowledge of the steppe laws and his inherent sense of justice. The role of Tole bi in the unification and liberation of Kazakh communities from Dzhungarian oppression is very noticeable.

The role of Tole bi in the education of Abylay Khan is great. Tole bi, who absorbed all the wisdom and judgment of his ancestors, was able to inspire the young man that the Kazakh people will be able to repel the enemy only with a united front. Tole bi was a man of peace, deeply religious, but was not constrained by prejudices, behaved with foreigners naturally and kindly, with respect for their customs. He skillfully conducted difficult negotiations and, having great power, found ways to solve problems, repeatedly tried to conduct diplomatic missions, sending embassies to neighboring countries: Russia, China, the Dzungarian and Central Asian khanates.

During the invasion of the Dzhungars Tauke Khan died and Tole couldn’t take his death. He was left alone, the Kazakh khanate began to disintegrate. Tole, being a ruler has Senior Zhuz showed an example of steadfastness, not leaving the limits of Tashkent.

One of the aspects of progressive activity of Tole bi can be called his plans for the development of trade and economic activity of the Kazakhs.

Tole bi, having created together with Kabanbay, Bogenbay and Zhanibek Batyrs a United popular front, headed the liberation war.

Tole bi Alibekuly, after the death of the Senior Zhuz’s Khan Zholbarys ruled Tashkent for six years-from 1743 to 1749. But there are different information on this subject. According to some, bi of Senior Zhuz ruled Tashkent for more than ten years, according to others-for 12 years.

Tole bi died in his ninety-third year. He was buried in Tashkent. A mausoleum was erected at the burial site. To him and to this day people come from all over the world to worship the glorious ancestor.