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Tomiris Samatova

young writer, author of books in the genre of «fantasy»

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Literature as a whole is one of the ways to know the world, humanity, oneself. Literature is handing thought, author views, his attitude to life, reality.  Each writer creates his own artistic world, with which one or another reader will agree and accept it.

In Akmola Region, the authors write not only novels, poetry, but also master modern genres, such as fantasy.

Tomiris Samatova, has not yet won a loud literary fame, but future of Kazakhstan literature is in hands of such young talents.

Today her books are very popular not only among young people. She began writing poetry and short stories at the age of 12.

«Один день из жизни ангела» is a fantastic story. There is a crisis on Earth that leads to the extinction of all mankind, but the whole race has not disappeared and there is only one hope-faith in God. Every person who is faced with the death of a loved one, asks the question is there life after death? With the help of fantastic characters Tomiris showed the other world and told about the existence of angels who perform a different functions. Being born, each person has the destiny. He needs to live with dignity, to leave a good memory.

The book «50 причин, чтобы жить», tells the story of an ordinary, average teenager, fifteen-year-old girl Kristen Summers, who has lost the meaning of life. Many people have such moments in life when everything loses meaning, and a person commits rash acts. But suicide is not an option. It is important to be able to help a person, which is what our young writer does with her work.

The author of the book encourages the younger generation to build their lives wisely, happily, to conquer new heights. The writer speaks about the individuality and purpose of each person in this world.

Artistic works of Tomiris are relevant in our time, they make people think about the meaning of life, about life on Earth, about the eternal and spiritual. Young people see themselves as if from the outside, through the eyes of their hero.

The moral position of the author unobtrusively affects the reader.

The talented writer with ease will compete to the eminent Russian and foreign authors specializing in a fantasy genre.

It is always good that young people are involved in the process of creating literary, multi-genre works, publishes new books.

Tomiris, wish you further creative success and the new literary masterpieces! Make your dream come true, become a famous writer and write your BESTSELLER!