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Vladimir Tretyakov

journalist, writer, poet

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Vladimir Tretyakov was born in the early morning of July 25, 1955. This day was surprisingly warm, the sun was warming and on this occasion it was noted that “this guy was born for the joy of people.” He was born not in a maternity hospital, as the vast majority of children do, he was born in the upper room of the house in the village Troitskoye, which is situated 30 kilometers from Kokshetau. The explanation for this fact is simple: his parents went for berries, but did not calculate that he would want to see the world on this day. It is good that at least on this trip they took with them a professional midwife Nadezhda Rudenko, who later became his godmother.

His mother, Vera Mikhaylovna, wanted to name her son-Valerian, in honor of the famous revolutionist Kuybyshev, who lived in Kokshetau as a child. But his father, Vladimir Ilich, decided that there is already enough of revolutionary names carriers in their family and therefore gave the boy his name (nobody knew that the name Vladimir Vladimirovich one day will be highlighted in Russia brightly enough).

He began to write early – in kindergarten, the teachers usually left the other children with Volodya, because they listened to him attentively and silence reigned around. In school time he wrote notes in the wall newspaper, and among them stood out reports on the sports competitions. Then he worked as a history teacher fair number of years.

In 1994 fate brought him together with the head of the just founded newspaper «RISK-Biznes» Aleksandr Katyukhov, who asked him to make a selection of city news for the new edition. On the same day they met with his classmate Boris Kramarenko. During the conversation, the idea of writing a story was born, in which a certain city appears, “which is not on the map, but in which we were all born once.”

So there was a history of the small provincial town Koldobin, which like a magnet attracts various amazing events. Later, this text became a kind of prologue to the story «Proval operatsii «Mezgun». After it «Tucha», «Oblako», «Posledneye priklyucheniye Khottabycha», «Kot Richard – spasitel mira» and a series of narratives about residents house №47 on the Vozrozhdeniya street were written. This is koldobinskiy cycle.

Another cycle, which combines four detective stories, is conventionally called «Nezakonchennyye dela», and the main character is constantly faced with something mysterious that goes beyond ordinary crimes.

Once you start writing, it’s hard to stop. In the last century the story «Vozvrashcheniye na Obitayemyy ostrov» was started, and work on this thing, which became a continuation of the famous story of the Strugatskiye brothers «Obitayemyy ostrov», went in a ragged rhythm, taking a total of about 15 years. And here is another sequel – «Marsianskiye tayny», complementing the «Stazhery» by all the same brothers, it was written in one fell swoop, somewhere in a week. A bit time took writing fantastic lead «Planety «Sireny»and «Ostatsya ili uyti».

It is necessary to tell about fairy tales. The first of them is «Dom». Once Vladimir read this tale from the stage, after which he was gently hinted that if he rhyme it, it will be much more interesting.

The other two tales are «Yekhali medvedi…» and the modern version of «Skazki o rybake i zolotoy rybke».

2015 was a landmark year for author’s work: the Kiev publishing house of Strelbitskiy, after reading «Tuchi», offered a long-term contract, after which his all works became available to the General reader in the form of e-books that can be found in all online stores.

Once he had a chance to write a script for a feature film «Klad buntarya», which is about the search for Pugachev’s Treasury, which was allegedly hidden in the mountains of the Sandyktauskiy district. The film was never made, so he decided to turn the script into a full-fledged story. But this will happen in the long term, and now he is working on writing of another fantastic story, with the working title «Deti Solntsa». What is told there is still a secret, but this story is written in strict accordance with his motto: you need to write about what you know very well, or about what no one knows.

Vladimir Tretyakov.

Laureate of competitions «Kokshetau – zemlya poetov»

Laureate of the literary competition dedicated to the 125th anniversary of Kokshetau

Best sports journalist of Akmola region -2005, 2014

Journalist of Akmolinskaya pravda newspaper