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Yuri Aitzhanov

Yuri Aitzhanov – known in the republic bard-singer.

The author of more than 100 songs, a talented poet, composer.

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Yuri Aitzhanov – bard, singer, composer-performer, cultural figure of the RK. Acted under the pseudonym Uri Sharafat. The name was chosen for consonance with the name of the elder brother – Zero, the name – in honor of the mother – Sharapat.
Yuri Aitzhanov was born on March 23, 1954 in the Kokshetau region of Chkalovsky district in the village of Amandyk. The family had 9 children, Yuri is the youngest. By education – a teacher of physics and mathematics, 17 years worked as a teacher.
Father – Belguibay – Hero of the Soviet Union, held various managerial positions. The war went from beginning to end. Mother – Sharapat – during the war was the secretary of the party organization of the collective farm.
Mother instilled in her nine children a great love of music. But the most unordinary and musical in the family Aitzhanovy was younger Yuri. The first guitar he bought in the sixth class. By that time he was already playing the piano and accordion. However, Yuri never received his musical education. But this did not stop him from becoming the author of more than one hundred amazing songs.
In the 1970s the Aitzhanov family moved from the village to the city of Kokshetau. Until his death, his parents lived with him. My father died in 1987, my mother left in 1999.
Performed bard began in the seventies in Kokshetau taverns. Many performances were held in the restaurant “North”, later he began working in the cafe “Sakura”. In total, he performed at restaurant stages for 22 years.
In the 1990s, Yu. Aitzhanov directed the Akmola Regional Philharmonic.
He participated in almost all contests and festivals of bardic songs.
I can not count all the awards of Yuri Aitzhanov. Almost every international festival he took prizes. In his box of nominations “Creative Personality”, “Akyn”, “Patriotic”, “About My Hometown”, “Golden Gramophone in the Underground”, “Audience Choice Award” and many others.
Died bard February 28, 2012 in the city of Kokshetau.

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